A Laing Art Gallery Wedding: Beth and Matt

So this is the story of a very lovely Laing Art Gallery wedding which also features the Discovery Museum! This is the story of Beth and Matt’s wedding.

It was a bit odd really because my wife, Louise and I were in the middle of planning our wedding. We had penned in 28th December 2018. The plans were coming along when we decided we didn’t want to wait over a year so instead opted to plan it in just 6 weeks and got married on New Years Eve 2017. A week after we changed our plans I was contacted by Beth. When I saw the date they were getting married on (28th December 2018), I knew it was meant to be!

This was one of those weddings where the couple lives down this way in London but we’re getting married up in my hometown of Newcastle. We’d had a get together in August in a beautiful hot sunny day in London but what a contrast to the actual wedding day! Cold???? Just a bit!!

This was to be a very memorable day for me on a number of levels. These were two new venues for me that I’ve been itching to shoot at. I had lots of ideas and some new things I wanted to try. And I was ill. I’d been in bed the whole of Christmas. I filed myself up and got through the day....24 hours later I was in the back of an ambulance! Turns out a combination of flu and bad chest infection is quite serious! But enough about me!

I headed down to the Vermont Apartments in Newcastle’s Quayside. The Vermont is my favourite hotel in Newcastle and this was the first time I’d been to the apartments opposite the hotel. I wasn’t disappointed! There, I was met by a scene of serenity and calm. The make up artist Dani , who I’ve worked with on so many occasions, was just finishing off. In one of the rooms Beth’s dress was being steamed and in the lounge a couple of bridesmaids nibbled on snacks. It was a bit cosy in there so I went to open the window to let some cool air in and was greeted by the stunning view of the Tyne Bridge!

After Beth had slipped into her dress, done the big reveal to her dad and bridesmaids (lots of tears) it was time to head up to the Laing Art Gallery . There, I experienced another first. A groom hurriedly changing suit. Turns out Matt had picked up the wrong jacket which didn’t fit him! Just in time I got his new jacket on and took his place at the front of the Gallery and waited for Beth to arrive.

When she met Matt at the front the emotions boiled over a little with tears being shed before uncontrollable smiles erupted with the two of them. The ceremony was interspersed with readings and accompanied by a harpist.

After the ceremony the guest sipped champagne as they wondered about the gallery. One of the important shots was to include the stunning picture by Eilliam Holman Hunt, “Isabella and the Pot of Basil”. This was Beth’s mum’s favourite painting so it was vital to incorporate this into the day.

We moved outside into the chilly afternoon air with the light fading quickly. An energetic confetti shower welcomed the newlyweds out before the guests boarded an old routemaster bus and the happy couple (with me in tow) jumped in the wedding car....Beth’s grandad’s 18 year old Ford Fiesta. Despite the odd creek and groan it was still in good running order!

At the Disovery Museum the guests headed up to the main function suite where they took their seats. There was no hanging around here! I was starting to flag a bit by the stage so I made my way into the back room behind the stage and tucked into the three course meal! It was just what the doctor ordered but OMG the chocolate dessert was like rocket fuel!!! I was up on my feet and moving at a million miles an hour!

After 5 speeches everyone headed down to the fun lab to chill out whilst the room was prepared for the evening. We ventured outside for some more pictures. The street lighting was stunning! I could have shot out here all night but as the Mercury was dropping rapidly I thought it best not to give Beth hypothermia!

By now the band had set up and Matt had changed into his dancing shoes! What followed was an amazing first dance routine of twists, twirls and lifts! All we were missing was Len Goodman and Darcey Bussell to judge them!

Then the tunes cranked up a notch and the floor filled. I made the short walk back to the car happy with a job well done. The images speak for themselves. I’m delighted with them. And so were Beth and Matt!

What a superb day!!

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